The richness and diversity of India itself can be seen and tasted in the unrivalled path, breath and variety of its cuisine.

The true raison d’être of 1947 however, is in understanding the power of shared dining experiences to bring together cultures and generations like nothing else. And, it is here that we excel.

Our exquisite menu brings together the best of Indian flavours and spices and the result is a culinary dream. The menu is also complimented by a carefully curated wine list, selected expressly to compliment the many diverse flavours present in Indian cuisine.

The final flourish is the artfully created cocktail list with classics and variations of classics, designed and concocted, especially for our esteemed clientele, by our in-house experts.

1947 London has all the individual qualities that mark a wonderful restaurant and it is remarkable enough for that alone. However, what truly makes us more than the sum of our parts is the passion, knowledge and genuine love of what we do.

The result is one of the most finely judged and satisfying dining experiences anywhere.

We cordially invite you to 1947 London to experience our brand of hospitality for yourself.

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