Michelin winning chef

Inspired From The Himalayas

The kitchen is led by executive chef, Krishnapal Negi, a well-renowned Michelin culinary professional whose 20 plus year experience stretches across London, Mumbai and Mauritius.

Chef Krishnapal Negi first made his name when he launched Tangawizi in Richmond Upon Thames in 2004. Recognised at the time as ground-breaking for its innovative menus it became a regular haunt for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. From Tangawizi, Negi achieved a Michelin award.

Explore Negi’s modern Indian menu at 1947 London, which emerges from recipes that Negi loved as a child growing up in the Himalayas.

Outside of India, there are a few such restaurants serving this particular cuisine.

Expect the menu to change seasonally and to include a variety of dishes from regional curry from Kerala to Kebabs from North India, using the finest fresh and locally sourced ingredients only.

Outside of the kitchen, find chef Negi sharing his wonderful stories and techniques behind the rich diversity of the food being served with in-depth knowledge of the regional cuisine and its development throughout history.

1947 London


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